As the pandemic continues to subside, franchises that focus on home services like cleaning, repair and restoration are expected to maintain their popularity. Additionally, franchises geared toward a variety of wellness options are expected to continue thriving throughout 2023.

Employee retention will be crucial for many franchise organizations due to the Great Resignation and labor shortage. This will require stronger employee recruitment programs and clear career paths for younger employees.


Whether it’s the ongoing labor shortage, predictions of recession and more layoffs, or increasing inflation, franchisors need to focus on minimizing costs while providing customers with an outstanding experience. One way to do so is by automating processes. Automation allows franchise owners to eliminate manual tasks and reduce repetitive, time-consuming work that can be done by computers. This allows staff members to spend more time interacting with customers, creating a better customer experience and boosting overall productivity.

Many consumers have a strong interest in sustainability and ethical sourcing, so it’s no surprise that more and more franchises are offering products and services that support these initiatives. This includes everything from restaurants that offer vegetarian options to beauty salons that use natural, eco-friendly products. In 2023, expect to see more franchises promoting their sustainability efforts and leveraging social media to spread the word about their commitment to the environment.

As the number of minorities in the United States continues to grow, more and more franchises are focusing on targeting these communities. From food to fitness, cosmetics to business services, these franchises are using their expertise to create unique experiences that meet the needs of these growing groups. In addition, these franchises are helping to educate the public on how to better understand and support their communities.

As more people look for a sense of security in their careers, many are turning to franchising. This is because franchising provides a proven system and support to help them build their businesses, so they can be successful in their ventures. As more aspiring entrepreneurs look to this option, expect to see a growth in multi-brand franchisees who have the rights to multiple brands.


The millennial generation is the largest segment of consumers, and as they enter their prime earning years, they are expected to fuel growth in franchises that cater to their needs. This group of 70 million people is looking for opportunities to work from home and seeks to balance a full-time career with a busy personal life. They also prefer to shop online and have an ever-growing appetite for food delivery options.

Many new franchises are prioritizing digital marketing strategies to connect with this demographic. They’re using trends like personalized messages, video marketing, influencer marketing and augmented reality to connect with potential customers and drive business. These tools help a franchise brand reach its target audience with more accuracy and effectiveness than traditional marketing methods.

Franchisees are increasingly turning to a multi-unit business model to increase their revenue and profits. A multi-unit franchise offers a range of benefits, including reduced risk, increased bargaining power with suppliers and improved efficiency. Multi-unit franchises can also offer a better overall customer experience with higher volume and lower operational costs.

During the pandemic, many consumers have prioritized health and wellness, boosting the popularity of fitness and healthy food concepts. These include gyms, spas and wellness centres. These franchises are expected to continue to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

The pandemic has also boosted the popularity of home services brands and renovation franchises. Examples of these include mobile grooming service franchise, event planning franchise, and custom fort builder. These franchises give consumers a convenient way to get their services and products from well-known companies. Consumers are willing to pay more for superior service and an enhanced customer experience.

Influencer Marketing

As more consumers seek personalised services, franchises that offer tailored solutions will continue to thrive. This could include customized fitness plans, nutrition programs, and home decor design services that are designed for each customer’s specific tastes and needs. Moreover, franchises that prioritize social responsibility and environmentally sustainable practices are also likely to see growth. That is why the benefits of a franchise coach are really essential for businessmen, especially those who are just starting.

As the number of millennials continues to grow, many will be looking for low-risk investments that can allow them to work for themselves. As a result, franchisors that provide the right support and training for their employees will be in high demand. This may include offering flexible working hours and providing opportunities for growth.

Likewise, as more millennials enter the workforce, many will be seeking a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness and self-care. Consequently, franchises that focus on health and wellness such as yoga centers, fitness clubs, and personal care services like tanning or spas are likely to remain popular throughout 2023.

Franchises that offer a seamless and convenient customer experience are also likely to thrive. This can include a mobile app that allows customers to order and pay for products and services on the go, or artificial intelligence technology that lets franchises respond to customer queries quickly and accurately.

Another key trend that is expected to drive franchise success in 2023 is the use of cloud-based management systems. This will allow franchises to scale their operations more efficiently and securely, while reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, these types of systems are more secure than traditional servers, which can be vulnerable to hacking or data loss. This is especially important during a time when security is paramount.

Social Media Messaging Apps

The franchising industry is always evolving and changing based on new technology, consumer trends, and other factors. As such, it’s important for franchisees to keep up with these trends so they can stay competitive and remain relevant in their market.

One trend that has exploded in recent years is social media messaging apps. These apps allow users to communicate with each other through text, images, videos, stickers, and emojis. Some of these apps even let users have one-on-one conversations with each other. As a result, these apps have become the ideal way for businesses to connect with their audiences.

For example, the app Snapchat has grown in popularity due to its unique features. This app rejects the idea that what is posted on the internet is forever. Instead, Snapchat content is deleted after a certain amount of time or when the receiver opens it. Other apps that have seen a boost in usage include WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. WhatsApp and WeChat both have over 1 billion users and are popular among the younger generations. These apps are a great tool for businesses that target a younger audience, as they can easily reach their consumers with messages and pictures.

Another franchise trend that is gaining momentum is the rise of home services. This includes services such as cleaning, lawn care, and pet care. These services are convenient and affordable for consumers, and they help franchises reach a wider audience than traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

Finally, a growing franchise trend is the increase in fitness and wellness-related business. This includes everything from yoga studios and health food franchises to personal trainers and weight loss clinics. As consumers demand more personalised experiences, these types of franchises are a great way to meet consumer demands.

Mobile and Virtual Franchises

Franchisors are leveraging mobile and virtual technology to help make franchise operations run more smoothly. The technology makes it easy for a client to contact the franchise of their choice from any location, no matter what state they’re in.

Multicultural franchising is gaining traction as the world becomes more diverse. This trend is particularly notable in the restaurant industry, with many ethnic franchises seeing major success in recent years. This is a result of a larger cultural shift, where people are becoming more aware of the value of embracing diversity.

Home service franchises are also experiencing rapid growth. Once treated as the step-children of the franchise sector, brands are now growing at incredible rates. Home service brands are able to provide vital services to consumers in their homes, which helps them remain a safe and convenient option for people in times of need.

As inflation continues to drive up the cost of goods, more people are focusing on finding ways to cut down on their staffing expenses. This means more people will be looking for franchises that require fewer employees to operate. This is especially important for those who want to spend more time with their kids and elderly parents. Franchises that can be operated virtually will be a great fit for these people.