With their longevity as well as a gorgeous visual effect, hardwood floors are an advantage to the house. If you have more mature hardwood floors that are beginning showing signs of age, you are probably curious about the price to refinish hardwood floors. This can vary, based on a lot of various factors.

The age of the floors, the techniques used, and also the expense of labor each come into play when identifying the price to refinish your home’s floors.

The Problem Of The Floor

The very first thing you have to decide is the problem of the floor to be refinished. You are able to test this easily using a handful of drops of water. When dropped onto the floor, check to see in case of the bath beads up, or even if it soaks into the floor. In case it beads up, you most likely just have to get your floor recoated, plus you are in luck, because this particular when you are looking at the price to refinish hardwood floors, this is the most affordable solution.

One dollar to a buck and 50 cents per square foot will be the average cost to get your floor recoated. Nevertheless, if the bath soaks into your floor, this is an indication that the surface is used totally away, and the initial blank wood is exposed. If this is the situation, you have to keep the floor refinished. Refinishing includes using a sander to present all of the bare wood.

This is needed because a floor generally wears down in highly-traveled areas first. After the floor is totally exposed, coats of varnish and sealant could be applied, allowed to dry out, after which buffed. This is, of course, a far more labor-intensive operation, and you are able to look to spend anywhere from 2 to 5 money per square feet.

If you have an old wood floor, or maybe you’re keen on changing the appearance of your floor, you’re taking a look at a lot more cash. The price to refinish hardwood floors using special methods is able to run as large as 4 to 6 bucks per square feet. Nevertheless, these methods are able to yield truly stunning results.

The price using these methods directly correlates to the quantity of time and customization required. Nevertheless, if you imagine enjoying your house and also contributing to its resale value, such a top price tag is certainly validated. As for epoxy, if you are interested in it, find out why experts believe that epoxy is more durable compared to other floor coatings.

DIY Flooring

You always have the possibility of dealing with your floors yourself. In case you do, the price is going to drop significantly, since you are not paying for virtually any hired labor. Before you tackle such a huge task by yourself, do lots of research. Invest in the most effective tools and products, and also study and practice all the strategies you will need before you even start.

If you can, enlist a friend with some experience and have them show you, hands-on, how to do the job correctly. Regardless of how you have them done, do not let the price to refinish hardwood floors prevent you. Done correctly, a newly refinished flooring is a lovely accent to the house, and it takes little maintenance to help keep the floor wanting its best.