Jotting down your thoughts and feelings in a notebook is a great way to store your ideas, memories, and things that make you happy. Whether you use a book, a notebook, or a computer, keeping track of your thoughts and ideas is important part of staying positive.

One of the most common reasons people get stuck in the rut they’re in is because they don’t write down their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. Here are some reasons you might want to jot down your thoughts each day.

When there are multiple reasons why you want to keep things written down, it’s important to make sure you keep these reasons in mind. Think about the benefits of doing this before you jump right into actually doing it. One of the best reasons to make a journal is for reference.

If you have a question, if you need to learn more about something, or if you find yourself musing on a solution to a problem, writing them down can help you recall the information later. See these suggestions on guided journals as tackled by

Keeping a journal helps you identify your own internal motives for doing things and can help you become more successful in life. It provides you with an insight into how you react to situations and gives you an insight as to what you really want out of life.

When you understand your own motivation for doing things, you can use this knowledge to become more successful. When you don’t understand yourself and the impact you make on other people and society, you are less productive.

Another reason why you might want to keep things in a journal is to boost your self-esteem. People tend to think differently depending on their state of mind at the time. You may be feeling terrible, worried about something, or angry about something.

Try looking at those feelings objectively and try to figure out why you feel so strongly about a particular issue or topic. Then, change your viewpoint about that topic in your brain and focus on how that same issue affects many other people who have different thoughts and feelings.

You will probably see a difference in how you view things and how they affect you. Achieving your goals means that you need to focus, and journaling is a great way to do that. Every day, write down your biggest achievements and accomplishments for that day.

Over time, you will see a pattern to these events and realize that the main reason you did something or didn’t do something, had to do with how you felt that day. If you were excited about achieving some task, but when you looked back at what actually happened, you found that you weren’t that motivated to do it in the first place.

Writing things down that have a significant meaning to you can help you remember why you did what you did and what you can do to improve on it. Another advantage is that if there are reasons that you feel inadequate, you can use them to boost your self-esteem.

Think about what your biggest shortfalls are, then work to improve them. Maybe your biggest shortcoming is that you don’t have enough time for yourself. Write down reasons why this is a problem, so you can address it. This will also give you something to be proud of when you meet others who have accomplished great things.

Motivation To keep motivated means that you have to challenge yourself. Journal every single thing you do in a journal. Whether you win a contest, complete an assignment, or find the right person to date, write it all down. The more you think about a certain activity or situation, the more you will feel the drive to do it.

The benefits of journaling go far beyond motivation and self-esteem building, however. One of the reasons that so many people look into setting up a journal is that they feel they can share their thoughts with someone else.

This means that every time you have a thought that isn’t working, you can jot it down in a journal. From there, you can either share it with others or just keep it to yourself. This can be extremely cathartic for some people who feel that they are too shy to share their thoughts and feelings with someone else.