Event Planning Checklist

Planning an event is far from being an easy job since it consists of a wide range of activities. As an event planner, you will have to be on the run looking for venues, finalising the budget, thinking about marketing campaigns, partnering up with brands, and so on. So it is indeed a stressful job and requires commitment and patience. Thus, the need for an event planning checklist goes without a doubt to control the stress and make the event effective. So to help you out with the same, here’s how you make things work.

1. Putting forward the Agenda

The Agenda of the event moves ahead to include the purpose and the main reason behind its occurrence. For this purpose, you will have to come out with questions revolving around costs, profits, venue and so on. One aspect that you need to notice here is the fact that all these elements are interconnected with each other. So if you mess up one small aspect, then the whole thing goes wrong. Thus, take all these into account and make the right checklist comprising the Agenda of your event.

Budget and Date

2. The Budget and Date

One cannot frame or come up with a budget without considering certain aspects. So by all means, you need to develop a rough idea of the budget by looking into the requirements and how you want the event to take shape. This particular amount should cover everything, leaving no ground for exemptions. The sooner you decide the budget; the sooner you can decide on the date. So, once again, they are interconnected.

3. Venue, theme and Sponsors

Venue and theme are essential aspects that need to go hand in hand. The venue that you choose for the event should be able to uphold the basic idea of the whole thing. Apart from providing an ample amount of space for everyone, you should also think about a suitable theme. This particular theme needs to blend with all that you have planned, minimising the scope for errors. Once you’re done with all that, you need to be on the lookout for sponsors. Brands that will be to connect with your event should be the ones on the list.


4. Promotion

The need for promoting your event is something that goes without saying. It grabs attention and helps your event to garner the required amount of reception. For this purpose, you will have to start a campaign on various platforms that also includes a promotional video. Be it social media or other conventional methods, you will have to push forward the theme and nature of what’s about to go down. Hence, take all this into account and formulate the required checklist.